Alden Blease

Founder of Redd Superfood Energy Bar

"Lisa has her methods. Some of them are unconventional. She has a way of seeing the world in a different way.”

Mattson Davis

Co-Founder of Magics Beach Grill, Kona, Hawaii Longtime CEO of Kona Brewing Co.

"She isn't afraid to share her opinion, but she doesn't disregard other people's. She's a big seek-to-understand person. I'd call her a maven of products.”

Michael Pan

Founder of Pan’s Mushroom Jerky

"I went in thinking Lisa would get people to write about us. We were in the early stages and had just started selling one of our products. I didn't realize how much her experience would help me see the bigger picture and influence the development of the product itself. “

Edith Dorsen

Founder and Managing Director of Women's Venture Capital Fund and WomensVCFund II

"Lisa's got a pretty direct M.O., which I appreciate. As well as a sense of humor.   Most recently, we were relaunching our brand and trying to articulate its attributes and audience to the agency working on our website. I think Lisa was the most articulate of all of us on the advisory board. She saw what had been created and was able to pinpoint the image, the impression we wanted to give, down to the color scheme."

Catherine Healy

Owner and  Creative Director of Flint Design Co.

"Lisa has been a vital partner on several project with Flint Design Co., including Nancy’s Yogurt, Penner-Ash Wine Cellars, Organic Valley. Lisa brings wisdom and experience in branding, positioning, and marketing. She has a keen sense of trends and where things are headed culturally and in food and beverage. 

In particular, when problems arise, Lisa knows the best way to handle things. Her vision widens when others' close down. As people are reacting, or overreacting, to the latest thing, Lisa can look ahead and understand it from all sides, so her recommended response is always spot-on.

Some of the best advice Lisa ever gave me was, 'Be true to who you are, be honest, and say what you need.'"